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I’ve Always Been a Saver

Ever since I was little, I saved my money. I had a piggy bank that I would keep all my money in and I hardly spent it. This habit really came in handy when I got married and my husband worked for Young Life and made $12,000 a year, while I was the big money maker as a public school teacher making $27,000 annually.

You get it; things were tight. We had one car and rented a duplex for $640 per month, which was a stretch for us. Thankfully, my husband Mitch was a saver too, so we did a lot of FREE outdoor activities and splurged on an ice cream cone once in awhile. I’m telling you it was tight.

However, we did start learning how to renovate by painting the entire rental kitchen cabinets white (yes, I have always loved a white kitchen) and Mitch built his first deck. I didn’t know about thrifting-it wasn’t really a thing in the early 2000’s, at least not to me, so I would save up money or birthday gift cards to buy home decor at Target. I was already learning the skills as a newlywed on how to make home beautiful without needing a lot of money. It takes patience, creativity and some ability to research but altogether, I find it so rewarding.

Why the Daily Dupe?

Fast forward to present day with social media, online shopping and the popularity of buying second hand which is all wonderful, but it can sometimes feel overwhelming. With SO many deals and SO many options it can paralyze shoppers.

So, I created The Daily Dupe. I simply take a more expensive home item and find a less expensive option but it’s still a high quality item without the high end price tag. I don’t want something that is cheap; I want to find more affordable options for people who want to create a beautiful home on a budget (although you can always purchase the more expensive option. I splurge from time to time and that’s good!). So, below you will find the first week’s collection of Daily Dupe finds. They are all found in my LTK shop found here.

Recent Daily Dupe Finds

Here are the links for the first Daily Dupes in my LTK shop in the order listed above.


Follow my Like to Know it Shop here to be up-to-date on all of my home decor and furniture finds. Comment below if there is a particular high end design item you’ve always wanted but you don’t want to spend the money. I love to hunt and would be happy to research a more affordable option for you!

Daily Dupe: Week 1

Daily Dupe

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