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My Favorite Place: A Large Window

Christmas card

Do you send Christmas cards every holiday season? As someone who only checked Facebook once a year (if that), my one point of connection to see friends who lived far away was through their Christmas card each holiday season. I am someone who is intentional in my friendships and I have built deep friendships with people in every season of my life.

Therefore, I love giving and receiving cards from friends from all the different phases of my life: from my childhood, college, our season living in Colorado and the mom friends I’ve made from different seasons of motherhood. I send out nearly 100 cards each year, 90+ to friends, which means I receive a lot of cards. I love this!

Christmas Card 2023

My favorite way to display Christmas cards is to hang two jute strings on my curtain rod in front of our large family room window. I attach them using mini clothes pins or paper clips. You can see how easy this is on my Instagram reel here. My kids run to the mailbox each day seeing which “family arrived” to add to our display. My Christmas Day both strands are full and I leave them up until mid-January.

Christmas card display


Do you have a large window that you can hang all of the Christmas cards you receive? Otherwise, you could use the same method and hang them around a door frame or in a hallway. Check back in January to see how I keep the Christmas cards in a fun keepsake book that’s easy to make and something we enjoy throughout the coming year. Whether you send Christmas cards or not, remember to reach out to those you love this holiday season.

How to Display Christmas Cards

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