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How to Make Your Own Textured Metallic Bulb Ornaments

DIY Christmas ornament dupe original

These bulb ornaments by Crate and Barrel are absolutely gorgeous. However, they are way out of my price range. They cost $40 for 6 bulb ornaments and you can find them here. I had seen a few Instagram accounts copy these ornaments and had this DIY project on my list for two years. I finally decided to tackle it this November and guess what? It was really easy. My 8 year old daughter helped and made half of them. So I know that if she can do it, you can too!

Supplies Needed

First, gather all of your supplies. I went to Hobby Lobby and bought most of the supplies at 50% off including the velvet ribbon in the ribbon section. You can also find all of the items online linked in my LTK shop here. Here’s what you need:

DIY Steps

First, paint each bulb with the craft paint. I used a foam brush which didn’t scratch the glass. Second, sprinkle on some baking soda to coat all of the paint. Next, brush off the excess baking soda and then dry them on dowels placed on an extra piece of styrofoam. However, I am curious if it would work better to let them dry first and then brush off the excess soda. Play around with both methods to see which way works best. I would definitely encourage you to dry them first as sometimes I would brush off the paint with the baking soda.

Adding the Metallic Shine

After the paint has dried, put on a pair of gloves to apply the Rub n Buff. I use a small craft brush that I can throw away as you cannot rinse the Rub n Buff off your brush. Put a small dab on a paper plate and apply it all over the ornament. This really makes the bulbs shine and is the star of the show. You can watch the whole tutorial on my Instagram page here.

DIY Christmas Ornament Drying after rub n buff

Last Steps

While the bulbs are drying from the rub n buff application, I spray painted the tops of the bulbs gold using Rustoleum gold spray paint. Finally, I attached a variety of velvet ribbons in earth tones before hanging them on the tree.

DIY Christmas Ornaments in bowl 2

Time to Decorate the Tree

I absolutely love the warmth and organic feel these DIY ornaments bring to my new 8 foot King Noble Fir tree from King of Christmas. I strung some vintage looking gold wooden bead chains from Amazon, added my wooden Christmas star from Target to the top of the tree and covered up the large tree base stand with a galvanized tree collar.

I only wish I had made these sooner because I think they are beautiful, affordable and a fun craft to do with kids. Let me know in the comments below if you try it! Happy Christmas decorating! It really is the best time of year.

DIY Christmas Ornaments

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