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The Popular Black Arched Media Cabinet

Black Arched Media Cabinet

Have you seen a cabinet like this before on social media? These are very popular because they are versatile and affordable. They look high end but you can find similar cabinets for under $200. I actually bought two of these cabinets on sale Target for $150 each. You can shop them here although it is often out of stock. If that’s the case, you can shop the mood board below on the LTK website in my shop here.

Media Console Tables mood board

First Use: Bedside Table

Originally, I bought these tables as bedside tables for our master bedroom. I thought they looked beautiful in a couple of homes I follow on Instagram. So, used them for over a year but I honestly missed drawers next to our bed for books and miscellaneous paper. It was hard to keep them looking styled and organized when all I wanted to do was stick something in a drawer to hide it. You can see the baskets bursting at the seams with papers. I realized this was beautiful but not functional for this space.

Second Use: Family Room Console Table

My grandma gave me a small antique dresser (see below) that I knew would be perfect next to our bed. I loved that it had 3 drawers that I didn’t have to have perfectly organized and styled all of the time. I ended up finding another piece of furniture from that time period that matched off FBMP, so I needed to find a place for the two black cabinets.

Master Bedroom Antique Dresser

I decided to put both cabinets together in our family room behind our sectional. That way, it served as a place to set drinks and a pretty place to display beautiful items in our family room. It didn’t serve any organizational function other than displaying decor and some design books.

How to Customize a Stock Cabinet for under $10

I decided to customize the cabinets using antique brass gold knobs that I found on Amazon. You can shop them here. I think the antique brass makes these cabinets look more high end and unique and is a simple and affordable way to customize a stock cabinet.

I hope this gives you two ideas on how to use a similar cabinet in your home. How would you use a black modern media console in your home? Where would you put it and how would you customize it to make it unique to your home’s style? Comment below.

Two Ways To Use a Black Media Console Table

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