After 7 years of teaching, I became a stay-at-home mom (now 15 years ago) which meant learning how to live on one income (sometimes as low as $30k a year).  Although this was challenging, it taught me how to create beauty in my home by thrifting, shopping deals and renovating our home, with the help of my handy husband. I love intentional design with neutrals (function and beauty on a budget is my jam) and love helping others create a cozy home on a budget too.  

 Grab a paintbrush with me and let's do this!     

I'm Amy.  Wife.  Mom of 4.  Former high school teacher.  Avid Thrifter and DIYer 

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From Outdated to Beautiful Before: the Dark 1970’s Bedroom For this particular client, she had renovated every space in her home but had the master bathroom and bedroom left to update. You can read all about the master bedroom renovation here that I helped her design. She didn’t love her master bedroom. It felt dark […]

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Client Bedroom After

From Outdated to Beautiful Design Goal: Save the Client $10k This particular client hired me to save her $10k from the original quote she got from her contractor. Does that even make sense to pay a designer to save money? In this case it absolutely does because I ended up helping her save $15,000 from […]

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Client Bath Vanity

My 5 Favorite Ways to Organize my Pantry Our old 1980’s pantry was disorganized and so ugly (see the before and after pictures below). It wasn’t functioning very well for our family. So after living with it for 17 years, we finally DIY’d it and now it is beautiful, functional, and organized. You can read […]

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Pantry Reveal

Where We Started…It’s SO UGLY I look at this picture and I cringe. How did we live with this disorganized and cluttered pantry for 17 years? I made it work but just looking at it now makes me feel overwhelmed. We prioritized other spaces over this one but FINALLY it was time to make our […]

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Pantry Makeover

For Elementary Age Girls My eight year old daughter loves to entertain and plan parties, just like me. She loves people and having friends over and is so much fun to plan parties with as she loves thoughtful details. So we decided to invite six of her friends and their moms to host a Valentines […]

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Valentines Day party markers

I’ve Always Been a Saver Ever since I was little, I saved my money. I had a piggy bank that I would keep all my money in and I hardly spent it. This habit really came in handy when I got married and my husband worked for Young Life and made $12,000 a year, while […]

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Daily Dupe Sconces

The Popular Black Arched Media Cabinet Have you seen a cabinet like this before on social media? These are very popular because they are versatile and affordable. They look high end but you can find similar cabinets for under $200. I actually bought two of these cabinets on sale Target for $150 each. You can […]

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Media Console Table bedroom

The 1980’s Original Bathroom Do you remember when we renovated our kids’ bathroom in the spring of 2020?  Yes, we tackled a home project during a lockdown which provided all sorts of interesting challenges to say the least.  I had just started Instagram and was excited to highlight this project online. Above is a listing […]

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Kids bath makeover

2023 Recap: Theme Word “TRY” Last year in 2023, my word for the year was “TRY”. Every year, I always spend the first week or two in January processing the year that just ended and praying about a word or theme for the upcoming year. I wasn’t quite sure what the word “TRY” would entail […]

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Amy on RV couch

My Favorite Place: A Large Window Do you send Christmas cards every holiday season? As someone who only checked Facebook once a year (if that), my one point of connection to see friends who lived far away was through their Christmas card each holiday season. I am someone who is intentional in my friendships and […]

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Christmas card

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