After 7 years of teaching, I became a stay-at-home mom (now 15 years ago) which meant learning how to live on one income (sometimes as low as $30k a year).  Although this was challenging, it taught me how to create beauty in my home by thrifting, shopping deals and renovating our home, with the help of my handy husband. I love intentional design with neutrals (function and beauty on a budget is my jam) and love helping others create a cozy home on a budget too.  

 Grab a paintbrush with me and let's do this!     

I'm Amy.  Wife.  Mom of 4.  Former high school teacher.  Avid Thrifter and DIYer 

mom +DIY designer

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I’ve Always Been a Saver Ever since I was little, I saved my money. I had a piggy bank that I would keep all my money in and I hardly spent it. This habit really came in handy when I got married and my husband worked for Young Life and made $12,000 a year, while […]

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Daily Dupe Sconces

The Popular Black Arched Media Cabinet Have you seen a cabinet like this before on social media? These are very popular because they are versatile and affordable. They look high end but you can find similar cabinets for under $200. I actually bought two of these cabinets on sale Target for $150 each. You can […]

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Media Console Table bedroom

Simplifying Seasonal Decor When you look online at all the home accounts, do you feel as though your home doesn’t measure up?  Do you feel the pressure to run out to Target and buy every new fall decor item your favorite influencer recommends?     Well, I am here to tell you that you don’t need to […]

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Fall Decor Neutral Living Room

What is the Found Cottage Mercantile? The Found Cottage Mercantile is an annual event held at the Ottawa County Fairgrounds featuring vendors from all around the United States. This happens to be just a half mile from my house which is incredibly convenient for me. I ended up meeting a fellow home DIY influencer, Maria, […]

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Found Cottage Mercantile Market 2023

What is one way I have recently personalized our unfinished basement? Recently, I was #gifted a large wooden USA wall map from Enjoy the Wood which Mitch and I hung on our basement cement wall.  I chose a United States map because we love to travel throughout the USA and visit national and state parks […]

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Enjoy the Wood USA wooden map

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